Internet Filter Download


Filter For Desktops/Laptops

Choose this to filter up to 3 desktop or laptop computers for one low price..

Filter For Mobile Devices

Choose this to filter iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android phone, Android tablets.

Family Plan Filter

Choose this to filter up to 3 computers and up to 2 mobile devices for 1 low monthly fee..

Before You Download

Because our software communicates with our servers, an account has to be established on the server first. Once downloaded, a customer must log in to activate the filtering.

Step 1 - Choose the service you want on the left.
Step 2 - Sign up for a free trial.
Step 3 - Check your email for download instructions.

Installation Help

No need to struggle through downloading and installing. Simply phone us at 1-252-562-9083. We will set up your free trial and talk you through installing it all on the same call. In about 15 minutes from now you'll be protected.

True Vine Online representatives are available to help you 12 hours a day, 6 days a week.Call between 11AM and 11PM East Coast any day except Sunday.
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