No risk free 30 Day Trial. Try TVO Blockit from True Vine Online free for 30 days. Your card will NOT be charged until 30 days from signup.

If you are not happy with our service simply phone us before the 30 days is up and cancel.

Questions? Phone us at 252-562-9083.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does your filter work?

A: Our filter when installed properly on a computer will send any request for internet traffic to True Vine Online for approval. If a site is allowable for your filter, you’ll get the website you requested. If the website is not allowable on your filter, you will get a webpage from TVO stating that the page is blocked by us and why. Our blocks will also provide you with our contact information if you believe the block is a mistake or have other questions.

Q: Does your filter slow down my computer?

A: Absolutely not! If installed properly, our filter does not slow down your computer at all. We do all the heavy lifting on our computers so your computer doesn’t have to. If you experience slowdowns on your computer, contact True Vine Tech Support, you might have a conflict or another problem we can help with.

Q: Can changes be made to my filter if I find it too strict/lenient or find a site blocked incorrectly?

A: Of course! You have the last word on what you allow and disallow on your filter. You can send us an email, access our chat or call us to make changes to your filter. We can also ensure that only the owner of the account or authorized persons are able to alter your account. A type of security you might not find anywhere else!

Q: Can you hold our password?

A: Absolutely. We’re aware that many people out there may be trying to keep pornography and other dangerous sites out of their own reach. Which is why we are able to set up accounts without a password. NOTE: This applies only to our PC filtering ONLY. We are unable to hold passwords for mobile accounts at this time.

Q: Can I override the filter?

A: Certainly! We are aware that many people may need to get into websites that they may not want their children visiting but may need to responsibly visit for business or other functions. We can set up a “Quick Allow” override which will let you override a specific blocked site for a certain amount of time.

Q: What do you currently filter?

A: We currently offer service for Windows PCs (Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8), Apple Macintosh PCs (OSX 10.5 and higher), Apple’s iPhone, Apple’s iPad, Apple’s iPod Touch, Android smartphones and Android tablets.

Q: The filter is for myself, is there anyway so that I can’t turn off the filter or cancel in a moment of weakness?

A: Absolutely! While our filter is updated and processed by computers, our filters are managed by human beings. We are happy to setup specific rules for you to avoid being able to disable the filter or cancel the account due to weakness. Call us and ask to speak to a filter specialist and see how we can protect the filter from yourself. The filter also contains security features to prevent casual uninstallation of our filter as well.

Q: What comes with my new Filter service?

A: All filter service accounts come with up to 5 free email accounts with advanced filtering against spam and pornography. All customers have access to our discount program which provides discounts on vacations, movies and more. All customers have access to our expert technical support. Also all customers have access to 100MB of free web space.

Q: I’m not very “tech-savoy”, can you help me setup and install my filter?

A: Absolutely. Our expert technicians are happy to help you setup your new service. We will walk you through some basic configuring in order to get your service up and running. All we need is you at your computer and basic computer knowledge.

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